Om Banna Temple

Om Banna Temple


Om Banna Temple (also named Shri Om Banna and Bullet Baba) is located at the pali region near Jodhpur, Rajasthan, dedicated to the god in this shape of a motorcycle. It is located 20 km from Pali and 53 km off from Jodhpur on this Pali-Jodhpur road, near chotila village. That bike is The 350cc RE Bullet RNJ 7773.

On 2 Dec 1991, Om banna (formerly called Om Singh Rathore; banna, the honorary word is used for this young Rajput) was journeying from the municipality of Bangdi near Sanderao of Pali to Chotila, When he lost control of his bike and hit the tree. He died immediately, and his motorcycle broke into a close ditch. After a few hours of the accident, the local police brought the bike to the nearby police station. The following time it was reported to have vanished from the police station and was seen back at the place of this incident. Villagers and Devotees visit this temple to pray for a safe journey. This temple is especially famous among Royal Enfield bikers.


Om Banna Temple ( Bullet Baba )

Bullet Baba, Pali , Rajasthan

Om Banna’s bullet is placed in a glass box inside the Om Banna temple, which stands at the site of the accident. It is believed that the soul of Om Banna Ji is still present inside the temple. The tree that Om Banna crashed into is still present at the site, with devotees praying to it along with the statue and the motorcycle to ensure safe travel across the highway.

It is also believed that whoever gets the blessings of Om Banna in this temple never encounter deadly accidents in their lives. There are thousands of devotees from nearby villages who come here every day to ensure that they are protected, and it is believed that travelers who do not stop by this temple to pay their respects are doomed to have a perilous journey. Offerings in the form of flowers, prayer strings, and alcohol are presented to the bike.

Some people also call call him Bike Baba