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Different Ways To Heal At Home Naturally

Different Ways To Heal At Home Naturally

Hello everyone,

When searching for a house to live,people used to search for good schools ,water sources, nearest markets, temples etc.

In this modern era before searching for a house to stay, we first search whether there is a big hospital nearby or not??!!

Yes!! we are living in more technically and scientifically advanced era than before…But we are not healthy,We are not happy.

Like the ancient people or may be like people of few decades back!!!

Yes !!health Is not in the hospital , Health is at home!!

Pathway to health….

Health begins at home with good diet, lifestyle and good

1. Ahaara

2. Vihaara

3. Vichaara.

Let’s be healthy in every aspect by (Ahaara):-

Good foodgood food - Different Ways To Heal At Home Naturally 

Yoga, Meditation and Healthy lifestyleyoga - Different Ways To Heal At Home Naturally

To heal at home, Here are different ways to heal diseases at home by (Vihaara) :-

  1. Home remediesnatural home remedies to boost immunity

2. Water therapy

3. Self massage

face massage

4. Healing food preparations at home

5. Therapeutic use of juicesorganic juices - Different Ways To Heal At Home Naturally

6. Mud as therapy

mud therapy

7. Music

8. Fasting

9. Flower therapy

Abhyanga ,mud therapy for beauty, mantra therapy, colour therapy crystal therapy, mudrachikitsa , reflexology…etc) are another ways to do at home !!Along with main treatment ,these can be added as supportive treatment or remedies at home.Mild to moderate degree of diseases get cured at home and can be prevented by holistic aproach towards health.It is healing at home. It is told in Righveda “Let knowledge come from all the sides”.

Healing the body mind and spirit at home (Vichaara)

As Shanthi Mantra explaines:-

“Sarve bhavanthu sukhinaha” means Let there be health and happiness in every home!! Every where!! Let everyone be happy.

“Sarve santhu Niraamayaahaa” means Let every one be freed from diseases .

“Sarve Bhadraani Pashyanthu” means Let every one feel safe and secured in life.

“Maa Kaschid Dukhabhaagbhaveth” means Let there be no sorrow pain and agony.

“Shanthi shanthi shanthi hi…” means Let peace prevail everywhere !!

Thank you!!

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