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Best Places To Visit In Udaipur | Must Visit In Udaipur | Online Aagya
Udaipur - Best Places To Visit In Udaipur

Best Places To Visit In Udaipur

Best Places To Visit In Udaipur

Udaipur is a one of the most popular toursit destination in Rajasthan. It is also known as “City Of Lakes” and “Venice Of East”. Udaipur is very famous among tourists for its lakes, palaces, temples, forts, hills etc. There are a lot of best places to visit in udaipur and near udaipur which are mentioned below :-


The Lake Pichola is a man-made lake located within the heart of Udaipur, Rajasthan. The most seasoned and one among the most significant lakes of the town , the Lake Pichola watches lakhs of visitors because of its serenity and miracle . Flanked by lofty hills, heritage buildings and bathing ghats, it’s a dream come true for peace and nature lovers. A visit to the Lake Pichola is incomplete without a boat ride, especially within the dawn. During evenings, it seems like that the entire place has been dipped in gold as you can see the heritage buildings and the pristine water turning golden with the sun’s reflection. The enthralling views will take you to a special world of stillness and can also bring out your romantic side. It is one of the best places to visit in udaipur.

Timings : 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Time Required : 1-2 hours
Entry Fee : No entry feeLake Pichola - Best Places To Visit In Udaipur


Built on the banks of Lake Pichola, the City Palace in Udaipur is taken into account to be the most important royal complex in Rajasthan. The radiant palace was built in the year 1559 by Maharana Uday Singh and served on the grounds that the primary seat of intensity, where the Maharanas lived and controlled the domain from. Subsequently, the palace was made even more splendid by his successors, who added variety of structures thereto . The Palace presently has a collection of Mahals, yards, structures, passages, patios, rooms and hanging gardens. There is a museum here also that showcases a number of the best elements of Rajput arts and culture – from colourful paintings to the standard architecture found in Rajasthani palaces. It is also one of the best places to visit in udaipur.

Timings : 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Time Required : 3 hours
Entry Fee : Adult (Above 18 years) INR 300, Child INR 100, Student INR 100City Palace - Best Places To Visit In Udaipur


Fateh Sagar Lake is a sparkling lake which is one of the best tourist places to visit in udaipur. Surrounded by the Aravalli Hills, it’s the second largest reservoir within the city and is understood for its scenic beauty. The atmosphere here is calm, and tourists are sure to find themselves enthralled by the blanket of tranquillity the place warms them up with. One can witness the circumference of the Fateh Sagar Lake by driving on the Moti Magri Road and obtain an incredible view of the whole lake. Apart from enjoying a laid-back afternoon within the serene is a great thing about this destination, you can also try your hand at boating and variety of other water sports that are available here for the visitors. This is one of the best places to visit at evening in udaipur.
Timings : 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM ENTRY IS FREEFateh Sagar Lake - Best Places To Visit In Udaipur


Located just on the outskirts of the town of Udaipur, perched atop a hill, Sajjangarh Palace is a former royal residence belonging to the Mewar dynasty, who ruled over this place for centuries. The palatial complex is known as after its patron, Maharana Sajjan Singh, who ordered its construction and had it erected in 1884.It was initially expected to be a nine-storeyed galactic observatory to see and survey the appearance and examples of storm mists, which may be effortlessly seen from the palace of its location at a strategic viewpoint at one among the hilltops of Aravalli, called Bansdara Peak. For this reason, it’s also earned the name Monsoon Palace. It would have also created employment opportunities for the topics.

Time Required : 3-4 hours


Jag Mandir Palace (or ‘The Lake Garden Palace’), is a heavenly royal residence situated on the southern island of Lake Pichola in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The palace is three-storied and also the structure is formed out of marble and yellow sandstone. It would be a delight to ascertain eight life-sized elephants carved out of pure white marble that seems to protect the palace. It is one of the best places to visit in udaipur. It was completed within the early years of the 17th century by Maharana Jagat Singh. The construction was started in 1551 by Maharana Amar Singh and continued by Maharana Karan Singh where it had been served as a place to hide for Shah Jahan and was finally completed by Maharana Jagat Singh I.

Entry : Entry Is Free


Dedicated to the preserver of the universe, Lord Vishnu; the Jagdish Temple may be a grand and majestic structure that stands within the City Palace Complex of the breathtaking city of Udaipur in Rajasthan. Jagdish Temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu, also referred to as Lord Laxmi Narayan and is reputed for being the foremost significant temple within the entire city of Udaipur. In fact, the gateway to the present grand temple are often seen from the Bara Pol of the town Palace. Beautiful carvings, numerous appealing statues and an environment of serenity make this place of worship a perfect choice for seekers of solace and faith.

Timings : 4:15 AM – 1:00 PM,
5:15 PM – 8:00 PM
Time Required : 1-2 hrs


Gulabh Bagh Zoo is found within the most abundant garden called Gulabh Bagh and implicit to the name it’s a spread of well-maintained roses. The mini zoo within the garden is a short walk off from the rose gardens. A very few numbers of species of animals are housed inside this zoo including the wide-eyed owls and has enough places to go to within the vicinity just like the toy train which is hospitable the youngsters and also the adults. There is a huge artificial water body called Kamal Talai which adds to the palace just like the fantastic thing about the Garden and a Navlakha Mahal, a spiritual place for parents to visit.

Time Required : 1-2 hrsGulab Bagh


Saheliyon Ki Bari may be a majestic garden within the city of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. It is also referred to as the Garden or the Courtyard of Maidens. As the name suggests, it absolutely was made for the maidens who accompanied the Princess after her marriage to Maharana Sangram Singh. The mesmerizing Saheliyon Ki Bari is found on the banks of the Fateh Sagar Lake in Udaipur. It has beautifully landscaped lush green lawns, canopied walking lanes and luxurious fountains. Most visitors think Saheliyon ki Bari is one among the bestest places in Udaipur to relax and rejuvenate with friends, family or maybe alone. The history, the traditional architecture and also the regal vibe attract tourists from all across the globe.

Timings : 9 AM to 7 PM
Time Required : 1-2 hours
Entry Fees : INR 5Saheliyon Ki Bari - Places To Visit In Jaipur


The Mansapurna Karni Mata Temple, constructed by Maharana Karan Singh and situated on the Machhala Magar ridge, was very remote place of worship open for the general public to visit. For this reason, it had been not a much-visited temple previously. But in 2008, the ropeway line connecting the plain and therefore the temple at the top of the Hill was commenced to make it easier for the general public to succeed in the holy shrine and seek blessings of Goddess Karni. There is a staircase also which is going towards the mandir , which we can access from Maniklal Verma Park, but that took more than 12 to 15 mins.

The ropeway then again not just offers a straightforward and easy method for reaching the mandir in just five minutes but it also gives a fantastic view of the surroundings as well. The 387 metres ropeway cable line that runs from Deendayal Upadhyay Park to Karni Mata Temple at hilltop also happens to be the primary ropeway transportation of Rajasthan. Each of the cable cars, which are mentioned as Gondolas, can accommodate six people for one trip, and 6 more on its trip back, the road is bidirectional. If you visit during the evening, at around 6 to 7:30 PM, you would possibly even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a gorgeous sunset from the cable cars.

Timings : 9 AM to 9 PM
Entry Fee : India Citizen: Adults – INR 87, Children – INR 43, Foreign Nationals: Adults – INR 300Children – INR 150Mansapurna Karni Temple Ropeway - Places To Visit In Udaipur


Located at the Gangaur Ghat Marg of Udaipur in the province of Rajasthan, Bagore ki Haveli is a lavish thoughtful royal residence which was made in the eighteenth century on the waterfront of Lake Pichola. Boasting of over 100 rooms which have elaborate exhibits wrapped in mirror and glass works, the haveli was built by the Prime Minister of Mewar Kingdom- Amar Chand Badwa. Beautiful paintings and murals from the mewar era adorn the walls of the palace; the Queen’s Chamber is the most popular of the lot which has on display two very gorgeous glass and mirror sculptures of peacocks. Restored and renovated time and again, the haveli has been finally converted into a museum that is thronged by not just regular tourists but also history buffs and culture explorers. The highlight of the haveli is the popular Dharohar Dance Show that is held here every evening which showcases the culture and folk tradition of Rajasthan.

Timings : 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Time Required : 1 – 2 hrs
Entry Fee : Domestic Adult – INR 60, Domestic Children (Age between 5 to 12) – INR 30, Foreign Adult – INR 100, Foreign Children (Age-5 to 12) – INR 50, Camera charges – INR 50Bagore Ki Haveli


Floating atop the indigo waters of Lake Pichola in Udaipur, Taj Lake Palace (formerly referred as Jag Niwas) is one among the foremost charming and most romantic hotels of the globe. The now flawless commerical hotel was previously the sublime summer royal residence of the Mewar ruler-Maharana Jagat Singh II and took into account the diversion of the glorious familia. Built in 1754, the iconic palace was converted into a five star hotel in 1963 and has been a common favourite among both the domestic and international tourists ever since and is thronged especially by romantic couples.

The palace which appears to be floating on the crystal clear water of the lake is made in ivory white and black marbles and boasts of umpteen open courtyards, passages, terraces etc- all adorned in lavish and opulent decor and semi precious stones sourced from all around the world. The five star luxury hotel provides spoilt choices, royal hospitality and an experience to remember for a lifetime. Besides the regular in-house services, luxury rooms and indoor activities, the hotel also has a provision for a variety of recreational activities, games and world class dining options to offer to its guests that provide sumptuous food starting from the normal Rajasthani to the international European cuisine.

Timings : 24 hrs
Time Required : 1 to 2 hrs
Entry Fee : Entry is Free, Boat Ride: Adults – INR 400, Kids – INR 200, Sunset Boat Ride: Adults – INR 700, Kids – INR 400Taj Lake Palace - Best Places To Visit In Udaipur


Situated a bit on the outskirts of the town , Badi Lake is a man-made freshwater lake situated in Udaipur. Constructed by Maharaja Raj Singh somewhere in the range of 1652 and 1680, Badi Lake spreads over a humongous zone of 155 sq. km. Ideal as a well-liked picnic spot, Badi Lake also boasts of utter peace and tranquility because it is barren of the regular tourist crowd. The lake is additionally ideal for a swim and there are several kiosks (shamiyanas) installed along the embankments which are meant for people to take a seat down and relax.

Entry Fees : Free


There is also a hilltop called ‘Bahubali’ near the Badi Lake that is a major attraction at the place. From here, you can have a wonderful aerial view of the surrounding area. Considered most ideal to spend some quality time with yourself or in companyThe place was recently discovered by a bunch of Udaipurites and gradually it got very famous between the youngsters of the city and the travelers.
Bahubali Hill is situated some 1 km away from Badi Lake Pal towards the Silence Resort. To reach the highest of the Hill, a climb for a few 10-15 minutes is required . Unlike earlier, now a rough parking lot is out there there too for your two and 4 wheeler vehicles where a bunch of local villagers takes care of your vehicles against 10 Rupees.Few tea stalls have been opened there recently where items such as chips, tea, water bottle, Maggi, etc. are available. It would be a bit expensive up there as compared to the city so it is preferred to carry your snacks and water bottle with yourself. Also, it is advisable to dispose the wrappers and empty bottles in the dustbin wherever it is avalaible. It is also one of the best places to visit in udaipur.

Entry : Entry Is Free

Timings: You can witness an exceptional Sunrise and a Sunset from the hill. The Hill is situated in a very forest area and there are not any proper street lights, so it’s not advisable to travel there after it gets dark.Bahubali Hills - Best Places To Visit In Udaipur


Among all the Indian states, Rajasthan is one among those which are known extensively for its contribution towards indigenous art and crafts. Across several regions and ethnicities, the state has nurtured and nourished exquisite instances across multiple art forms – art, handicraft, music, dance, theatrics, puppetry and more.

Located near the Havala village, only 3 kilometres west on the outskirts of Udaipur, Shilpgram is a one-of-its-kind living ethnographic museum that reflects that same culture and heritage, not only of Rajasthan but of entire West Zone. Introduced by Rajiv Gandhi in 1989, Shilpgram is a shared exertion devoted towards maintaining and advancing the way of life , workmanship and culture conceived inside the alcoves and crannies of rural and sub urban parts of west India. The main objective is to not only endorse the culture and way of living of ethnic minorities and tribal communities, but also keeping them alive for the next generations to know and appreciate.Shilp Gram - Best Places To Visit In Udaipur


Located just a couple of kilometers faraway from the magnificent City Palace Vintage Car Museum is an awesome place for automobile and car lovers.Moving faraway from the grand forts, castles and pristine lakes that Udaipur is so renowned for, the Vintage Car Museum makes a remarkable diversion. The museum is a collection of a good many vintage automobile models used by the Mewar dynasty of Udaipur. The Mewar dynasty happens to be one among the foremost opulent Rajput rulers, leading plush and splendid lifestyles. Here at the Vintage Car Museum, you’ll get a small glimpse of it including Rolls Royce and Mercedes models, which were previously custom-made and owned by the royal members of the Mewar family.There are around 20 more antique pieces here that you can feast your eyes on if you are a motor lover, like 4 more Rolls Royces, 1 MG-TC Convertible, 2 Cadillacs, 1 Ford-A Convertible, 1 Vauxhall-12 and also solar-powered rickshaws.

Timings : 9.30 am to 5.30 pm daily
Entry Fee : INR 100