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About - Online Aagya


Online Aagya is a daily blog filled with awesome stuff for awesome people. Initially conceptualized as a gadget shopping blog, it’s now more or less a huge repository for whatever we discover interesting. We’re like that closet that you simply throw everything into, albeit a touch more organized, and minus the ratty tee you’ve worn since freshman year.

In short, Online Aagya samples a bit of everything – from gadgets to cars,from Health & fitness to beauty, from clothing to video games, from music lyrics to religious songs. The more interesting/funky/goofy, the better.


How We Do It

Online Aagya’s content is sourced the old fashioned way: each day, we peruse thousands of stories and visit hundreds of blogs, online stores and social media sites in an effort to find the absolute best “stuff.” We also receive numerous submissions from our own readers via our Suggest Link form.


A Few Stats

Curating every post by hand is time consuming, but it’s paid off: since launching in feburary 2020. Our visitors are males, females, kids and elders. we have something for everyone.


On Clarity, Transparency and Community

Online Aagya is about clarity: every post is short and sweet, with clearly marked outgoing links. If it’s a product, we provide a price and/or a link to the relevant website; if we find a story elsewhere, we always credit the source.

Any items we receive for review are only included if they meet our strict editorial guidelines, and any sponsorships always clearly indicated. We figure the more transparent we are, the easier it’ll be for you, our valued reader, to find exactly what you want. Click here to read our full disclosure statement.

We know we’re not perfect, which is why we allow you to “Like” a post. This allows us to iteratively refine our selections and find only the most awesome things. We also encourage you to contact us with any suggestions, comments or corrections.

Lastly, we invite you to join and interact with us on Facebook or Twitter. We’re always up for meeting new faces and love to hear from our readers.


A Special Thank You

We want to thank our dear readers, for whom we’ve created this site and to whom we owe its existence. From messages of support and bug fixes to suggested links, you help to shape this site and encourage us to deliver ever-more relevant and awesome content. Kudos to all of you!